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Drug Addiction in Adolescents

By the time adolescents reach their senior year, up to 70% have tried alcohol, and over 20% have used a prescription drug for non medical purposes. Adolescents are biologically wired to seek out new experiences and take risks without fear. This makes adolescents prone to developing an addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol. This time is critical for adolescents due to their developing brain and often times lack of maturity.

As adolescents continue to experiment with these illicit substances, addiction becomes more likely. The more that they experience the effects of substances, the harder time they’ll have of saying no. Continued use can result in failure in school, problems in relationships, changes in mood, and an increase in health problems.

Types of Adolescent Addiction Treatment Centers


In cases where time is limited and the addiction isn’t severe, an outpatient program is best. This is also a great step-down from residential treatment.

Intensive Outpatient

Adolescents who have a strong support system can find benefits in using an intensive outpatient program. This is the best option if they wish to continue with their classes while still receiving help.


Inpatient programs provide individualized treatments for the adolescent involved. This option also offers accountability and structure to those fighting stronger addictions.


No matter the type of addiction, detox is often the first step to recovery. Detox provides a safe and monitored option for those about to experience withdrawal.

How to Help your Adolescent

If you believe your adolescent has an addiction to an illicit substance, don’t panic. There are options for your child and your family in battling addiction. Begin your search today to find the best adolescent addiction treatment center or luxury rehab for your loved one.